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Music News

Several things have happened over the past year. 1. Colony Collapse never made it to its street date due to a good many things beyond my control so it has been moved to Mind Over Matter Records. The plates have been cut and we are currently waiting on test pressings. The LP should drop in early 2021. Although, the delays were of no fault of my own or MOM's, we will be sending a copy of the record to anyone who ordered through the previous label at my own expense. I'm all too happy to do this because you've waited so long and I appreciate your support.

2. After some legal paperwork, the rights to BTGOG and Guilt have been reverted to the bands, so we will be reissuing some classic records. Equal Vision Records has begun taking orders for both, Perspectives and For the Love of Indie Rock. The new vinyl and designs are delightful.

2 b. Guilt has worked with the amazing Steve Evetts to remix Bardstown Ugly Box and the record sounds unbelievably better. We hope to release it and do a few support shows in the fall of 2021 if the pandemic is under control. Look for more news on this front.

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