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2023 Update

It's been a long few years where I've been focusing on my duties at the university, chairing literary conferences, working on a new novel, writing short stories for anthologies and literary journals, experimenting with new sounds and song structures, and working diligently to publish exciting work by authors with Astrophil Press. So busy, in fact, I didn't manage to make time to update my website.

In this past year I was able to travel to Australia and share the stage with some wonderful other authors and had the opportunity to explore some wild life, specifically crawling in the dirt with quokkas and diving with great white sharks.

In this new year, some of my short fiction will begin appearing in journals and after 3 years the Guilt Bardstown Ugly Box remix will see the light of day. After a few cancellations due to the pandemic, we have finally settled on a date for the record release and show in Louisville, Kentucky. More will be announced soon.

Speaking of old music, I have worked with Shirt Killer in bringing some merchandise for my old bands into the world. Please check out and look at the designs for Endpoint, Guilt, and BTGOG. Ryan did an excellent job with everything. While you're at it, his band Fotocrime is worth checking out.

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